Jazza's Animation Foundation




Jazza’s Animation Foundation is a 10+ hour Video eCourse teaching pivotal aspects of animation in great detail. The course is suitable for users of all animation programs and methods. Lessons and reference files include:

  • – Introduction and Welcome
  • – The Character Turnaround
  • – Creating an Animatic
  • – Tween Animation
  • – Keyframes and Pose to Pose
  • – Motion Breakdown
  • – Solid Drawing
  • – In-Betweens
  • – Coloring In
  • – Motion Tweaks
  • – Hybrid Animation
  • – Frame By Frame Run Cycle
  • – The 12 Principles of Animation

The course contains exclusive resource files for every stage in the course (in Adobe Flash format, suitable for versions CS3 and up!). Though the lessons are demonstrated using Adobe Flash, the course is carefully tailored to be suitable for all animation programs and methods.

The course is fully transcribed into English Subtitles.

Animation can be a wonderful tool for expression and storytelling, and this course aims to be a valuable resource to both newcomers to animation, as well as intermediate and experienced animators wanting to ‘up their game’!